vancouver is for lovers

January 5, 2010

I just spent ten amazing days in Vancouver for Christmas and New Years and man, did I eat. That above, by the way, was my view as I ran down to Kitsilano Beach from my friend’s apartment one day. Ridiculous.

It started with Christmas dinner for seven at my friend’s apartment:

And it basically never stopped after that. I haven’t eaten so much meat in a long time. My friend is an amazing host and many a morning a sight like this greeted us upon waking:

wholewheat toast, scrambled eggs, prosciutto

I ate some of the greatest sushi ever at a place called the eatery. Go there if you’re ever in Vancouver.

And to solidify my feelings that Vancouver is truly for (food) lovers? Granville Island Market:

As if the market wasn’t enough, Granville Island also has several micro breweries. When you’re on vacation it’s kind of essential to get eight-beer sampler flights…I’m just sayin’.

And what trip to Canada would be complete without a bowl of hot, steamy, cheese-curdy, deliciously gravy-drenched poutine? None.

It was a great, action-packed trip full of hiking, walking, eating, drinking, hockey-watching and quality best friend time. But I’m still glad to be home and glad to be back blogging – see you soon!

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