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January 14, 2011

1. Came home from my first yoga class in months, damn sore and tired, and ate an unholy amount of St. Andre triple cream cheese for dinner. I took crackers and just swiped huge dollops of it. Who needs a knife when your cheese is like soft butter?

2. Tried to quiet my incessant need to plan trips and travel…and failed. Potential trips coming up this year to San Francisco, Portland (Oregon and Maine!), Detroit, New York, Chicago, and England if I can possibly manage it.

3. Ate tater tots for dinner. Yeah, that happened.

4. Had breakfast at French Meadow Bakery and swore I’ll have breakfast out in the week more often. So much more peaceful, warm and wonderful than at the weekend.

5. Had too many veggie burgers and salads for lunch. I need to make some soup!

6. Caught up with two of my best friends on the phone – one in England; one in Vancouver – and made plans to see both of them within the next 7 months. Happy dance.

7. Spent time oohing and ahhing over photos on three of my favourite blogs: The Little Red House, Hither and Thither, and La Buena Vida.

8. Saw True Grit and loved it.

9. Brainstormed baking projects for the weekend. I’ve missed baking something chronic these past few weeks and I’m excited to get back in my kitchen. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Your turn! This week you…

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