this week i… {part VIII}

January 13, 2012

1. Made roasted winter vegetable salad umpteen times for dinner. Obsessed.

2. Got excited about beef. You heard me. There are two recipes I’m hoping to make and share soon that will have you swooning. If you’re a beefeater that is.

3. Posted a link on my homepage to my seasonal recipe guide. See it? Over there —————————–>

4. Met Senator Al Franken.

5. Found my bundt pan languishing in the pantry. Any ideas for a lovely recipe?

6. Remembered how much I love sharing my favourite blogs with you. If you haven’t checked out A Cozy Kitchen, London Bakes, or Hungry Girl Por Vida, you’ll want to get on that.

7. Dreamed of going to Coachella this year and then realised once again that it’s so out of my budget it’s hilarious.

8. Unsurprisingly ate a LOT of cheese at book club. So much that I had an actual cheese hangover the next day.

9. Got a great pep talk from Joy the Baker in this blog post to “always sign up for adventure. Always say yes.”

10. Posted some interesting topics for debate on my facebook page. Love you all for the chat.

What about you? This week you…?

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