this week i… {part vii}

October 28, 2011

1. Had my second restaurant review published in Metromix. For my local readers: I wrote about Sonora Grill in the Midtown Global Market, which I loved. Highly recommend checking it out…and the article of course!

2. Ate an unusually large amount of spicy sausage.

3. Watched The Kids Are Alright. Liked that film a lot. Seen it?

4. Realized on Wednesday that it was three weeks exactly until our big trip home to the UK! Whooooooop.

5. Started plotting every restaurant and thing I want to eat while at home. Slightly obsessive.

6. Dreamed about soups. Duh.

7. Planned on making sourdough bagels this weekend, after the glory of these.

8. Realised that my only two Halloween costume ideas were a) a banana, and b) a rocket. Send help.

Your turn! This week you…

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