this week i… {part vi}

October 14, 2011

{photo from Flickr}

1. Got stuck in Helena airport after my plane broke down and ended up trying to get home for 15 hours. Not my favourite.

2. Ate half a rack of ribs in approximately 4 minutes flat.

3. Was inspired by Olivia’s travels and especially the food styling and photography workshop she took part in in Dordogne. Sigh face.

4. Decided that chocolate mousse needs to happen. Soon.

5. Got mightily engrossed in The Last Werewolf {for our next book club!}…so unexpected and so…awesome

6. Welcomed the return of hot oatmeal.

7. Had book club at my house and decided (to no-one’s surprise) to go with a full-on cheese fest. {If you need help creating the perfect cheese plate this handy guide from Joanna Goddard is pretty awesome.}

8. Officially started a really fun new writing venture contributing restaurant reviews to Twin Cities Metromix. My first review (on newly opened Pat’s Tap) is now live!

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Sarah@The Flying ONION October 14, 2011 at 7:27 am

I love these “this week I” segments. :D

I’ve been welcoming the return of hot oats as well. I love the change of pace that comes with the change of seasons. :D


Carly October 14, 2011 at 9:22 am

Next week I…plan to read The Last Werewolf whilst eating hot oatmeal. Sounds delectable.

P.S. The cheese fest was amazing.


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