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July 8, 2011

…has been good to me. I needed the Fourth of July three day weekend in a physical, immediate, let-me-lie-down kind of way and it didn’t disappoint.

We headed out to our friend’s cabin on a lake in Wisconsin where I proceeded to lie in the sun on a floating yellow raft talking to friends and soaking up that vitamin d I’ve been so greatly missing. Much beer drinking ensued along with some awesome dive bar karaoke, grilling, boat rides, lake swimming, margarita imbibing, and magazine reading. No phone reception, no noise, lots of sun. It’s one of my ‘happy places’ without doubt.

And it was exactly what I needed. Minnesota summers are short and oh-so-sweet so I feel the need to soak up every moment before you-know-what returns. Later this month we have friends (the very best ones) from England visiting and I can’t wait for more summer shenanigans with them.

Summer. It’s happening.

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