the best of 2011

December 29, 2011

2012 is right around the corner and being a bit of a sentimental, reflective soul, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the best of 2011. That first picture? That there is chargrilled asparagus with roasted cherry tomatoes and haloumi. It may be the most delicious thing I ate all summer. 100% my cup of tea. Me all over. Wow-good.

But you guys? You loved this quinoa salad with black beans, avocado and cumin-lime dressing. It was the most popular post by page views by a mile. You could have fallen for salted fudge brownies…and many of you did, but this salad was loads more popular. Kudos to you, you healthy people!

The two other most popular recipes were, reassuringly, blueberry cornmeal pancakes and peanut butter cup bars.

I started posting a lot more British recipes this year – stand outs being the classic pimm’s cup and steak and ale pie. Honourable mention? How to Make a Proper Full English Breakfast. Because frankly, everyone should know :)

And finally, some of my less food-focused posts include this one, about my beloved Minneapolis, and this one about my equally adored England and Wales.

Finally, my Grandma’s Welsh Cakes garnered a lovely, quite overwhelming reaction and for that, I love you all.

Thank you for coming here to read what I write and to chat about food with me. Cheers to a delicious 2012!

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