take me home

August 12, 2009

#Country rooooooads, take me hooooome,
To the plaaaaace I belooooong….#

Yep. I just sang John Denver to you. You’ll recover, I promise. I couldn’t even fit the end of our Chicago extravaganza on yesterday’s post since I was already writing a complete essay. So, here I am ready to fill you in on the last of my adventures!

We tried to start off early so as not to get home super late, which ended up meaning we left at 10:00am and then decided to stop for breakfast. We reasoned that it was better to fill up on good food at the start than to get hungry later when only Maccy D’s was available.

We headed to this place called caffe De Luca, where Sara (our host) used to work. It was super cute:

The inside was gorge too:

I love all the little details. I didn’t get a picture, but there was also faux laundry hanging from the ceiling. Weird. But cool.

Dan and I ordered up some grub to share – I love that we can do that! You get the best of both worlds. We ordered the Breakfast Burrito:

Scrambled eggs, tomatos, onions, cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers, avocado, refried beans, served with roasted potatoes, and house made ranchero sauce.

Um. Yum! When I reached the avocado/refried bean bites I was in heaven.

Those roasted potatoes were bomb too with the salsa. I had to restrain myself from eating more than my half!

Now get ready for the creme de la creme, peeps. I am salivating at the memory of this plate of wonderment:

French Toast De Luca: Topped with mascarpone and berries.

Yeah. This was incredible! Best. French Toast. Ever. Hands down. Back flips round the block. Hula hoops and high fives all round. I nearly peed my pants.

The mascarpone was out of this world in its creamy, gooeyness. That picture made it look like a measly amount but there was enough to smother over the whole lot of toast and it was aces. The French Toast itself was just gorgeous as well – perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Dan and I couldn’t get over this stuff and I did briefly consider moving to Chicago permanently for this alone.

And then we hit the road and made it back in 8 hours. And now we’re home. And I need sleep…

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