roasted broccoli

August 12, 2011

Broccoli. How do you feel about it? Maybe not that excited. What about roasted broccoli – are you acquainted with it yet? I don’t expect it to excite anyone in the way that say, peanut butter cup bars might but I really love this stuff enough that here I am, blogging about broccoli.

Maybe, like me, you’ve eaten blanched and steamed broccoli for years and enjoyed it enough. What I didn’t know back then was that loving broccoli, craving broccoli was possible.

Take a whole head {two if you’re feeding more than a couple of mouths} and cut it into florets. Find some olive oil and douse your broccoli liberally with it, making sure every floret is shiny before you twist black pepper and sprinkle crunchy coarse sea salt.

That’s it. You can add slivers or chunks of garlic, herbs, or shavings of parmesan, but the nice part is you don’t have to use anything but oil, salt and pepper for this to taste amazing.

Pop it in the oven at 350F for 20-30 minutes (check on it to make sure you’re not charring the stuff) and it will come out roasted to perfection. Crispy edges and sweet, salty bites. I roast a batch whenever I can find an excuse. It’s so good to share, letting everyone dig into a bowl with forks, but honestly I enjoy it most when there’s an entire head of broccoli just for me to eat with salty fingers.

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