pan-fried chick peas with chorizo and spinach

March 4, 2010

Today I fly to England and go home for the first time in two and a half years! Woopa!

In other news…

When I read blog posts with titles like “A Dinner Date With India and Spain“, I tend to get a bit light headed and woozy. We all know how I feel about Indian food. Oh, we don’t? For more love, see here and here. Yum.

I am also a big fan of Spanish cuisine, namely because I have a crush on a lot of the ingredients used in Spanish cooking (paprika, peppers, olive oil, tomatoes, eggs, Jamon serrano, chorizo…. ah the list goes on).

My parents actually live in Spain and Dan studied there so I’ve spent my fair share of time enjoying the Mediterranean delights on offer there.

But I digress…basically, when someone says “Indian” and “Spanish” in the same sentence, I say “yes please!”. Such was my pleasure in reading about pan-fried chick peas with chorizo and spinach.

So, as I say buh-bye to Minnesota for a couple of weeks (there will still be blog posts!) I leave you with a hodge podge of international cuisines in the form of this recipe.

What is your favourite thing to make with chick peas?
Chana Masala is an absolute winner for me but I would love to make hummus one day.

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