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March 12, 2012


I don’t know if you reading this right now are someone who visits this space often or hardly at all. Perhaps it’s your first time. Someone out there reading probably recognises that things have been a little different of late. January came and with it a slump. First, there was sadness that meant I didn’t feel like blogging and then there was a busy schedule coupled with a funk. I couldn’t think of what to share with you. I had nothing to say. Sure I posted a couple of things but considering I’ve kept a tight three-posts-a-week ship running for the last couple of years, it seemed to me at least that this space was becoming a little empty.

Amongst all of that, I read a blog post from the fabulously talented and inspiring Brian Ferry. I’ve followed Brian for a while since he seemed to be living my opposite as an American expat in London. I love seeing his beautiful pictures of my homeland coupled with words about the strangeness of it all. Wildly familiar.

Brian wrote in this post about honesty, authenticity, and getting real, in terms of food photography. It struck an enormous chord for me. I struggle mightily with being fascinated and inspired by many wonderful food photographers, stylists, and bloggers. As we all know deep down, comparison is the killer of joy and I have longed to be better at what I do, more perfect, and to create photos more like those of the people I admire, sometimes to my detriment.

And what about reality? I have a full-time job that I love. This here, this little blog? This is a hobby. I have to write that down to remind myself that I’m not supposed to be awesome at this, I’m just meant to enjoy it and have fun. Perfectionism is a serious bitch.

I started this blog because in reading other blogs I thought, I have something to contribute to this conversation. I may only just be learning how to cook and bake but I want to sit at the table and be part of it, not just a spectator.

In the spirit of that and because I finally feel like I have my groove back I just want to say hi…I’m here now, and I hope to be here more often, with pictures, stories and recipes that are both a celebration of real moments, as well as of those things I find to be beautiful in food.


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