november grilling: striped sea bass

November 9, 2009

This weekend was ridiculously beautiful in Minneapolis – low 60s and blue, sunny skies – which meant I spent a lot of time outside getting all I could out of it. I biked, I had one of the most amazingly glorious runs of my life, and I grilled! Yeah, it was warm enough to fire up the grill so we went and got a whole striped sea bass to bbq!

If dead creatures make you squeamish, turn away now.

Otherwise, meet Barry, or Baz, the Bass.

The fishmonger gutted and descaled our fish for us which meant we just had to make indentations in him and season him with olive oil and salt and pepper:

I prepared some fresh herbs for a side dish while Dan did manly things that made me squirm. Fresh thyme, parsley and some lemon wedges…

Which complemented these New Potatoes and sauteed onions (along with a good knob of butter). They were mouth watering if I do say so myself!

Meanwhile, at the grill…


Followed by…


And this was dinner!

I’m not really a big fish person if I’m honest so I only eat it every once in a while but this was blooming delightful! The fish just fell apart in your mouth and the salty potatoes and fresh-tasting spinach went really well.

Have you ever prepared a whole fish to eat and if so, what?
I once did a similar thing for my parents in England but with Sole. That was really good too! You can’t go wrong with s&p; and some olive oil in my opinion!

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