monday inspiration

October 18, 2010

As the week begins, I wanted to share some of the brilliant things and people that I’ve been inspired by recently.

* Some of my flickr favourites:

1. 018:365 Four Spices, 2. French Macaroons, 3. tomatillas, 4. winesaps, 5. 31 july, 6. Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate. , 7. red . white . blue, 8. Little Apple Pies, 9. Everlasting flowers…, 10. Alyssa Kae, 11. Laksa Cashew Nut Pesto, 12. I love cinnamon, 13. red velvet, 14. london, 15. 005/365 … Winter wonderland!, 16. summer is for stoned fruits

* Eat Live Run’s Pissaladiere (a.k.a. french onion tart). Want.

* The winners from this Saveur photo contest. My favourites:

* The blog, What Katie Ate. So visually stimulating and such a wonderful, unique layout.

(really though, anyone who takes such beautiful pictures of cheese is in my good books for life…)

* This fine art foodie calendar. On my kitchen wall now please…

What’s inspiring you?

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