light summer suppers

August 3, 2011

As we hit August like a ton of bricks – sweat, heat, humidity and all – I thought I’d share some favourite light summer suppers to get you through those evenings when pasta sounds like death and pizza sounds like crazy talk.

I promise that bacon is the only hot thing you’ll have to deal with here and you’ll be pretty glad you did once you experience that salty hotness on your tongue next to some cool, juicy melon and salad greens.

I know that I just said I’m sharing these because you might be feeling like pasta is death BUT this pasta dish is the exception. Use normal tomatoes or heirlooms instead of cherries, since those are so lovely at the moment and add basil if you have it. Honestly, it’s one pasta dish you’ll crave even if it’s a billion degrees out. I know I do.

This little salad is becoming ever so popular on my site. I think you’ll like it. Filling but not stuff-you-full quinoa takes to all the flavours so nicely. Black beans, avocado, cilantro, and a cumin-lime dressing gives it a Mexican spin and makes it taste super summery. It’s just plain delicious.

More of an inspiration than a recipe – throwing together whatever greens you can find at the market with some seasoning and a poached or fried egg makes for a quick, simple, beautifully light supper.

Hot summer? Cold soup. That’s how it works. This gazpacho is great when you’re craving the comfort of tomato soup but know that eating some would be pure insanity. There’s some kick in this soup but it’s subtle and the lemon juice cuts through it while the cucumber mellows it. Use thick, crunchy¬† homemade croutons to sop it all up.

P.S. In case all this savoury stuff is making you crave something sweet, how about some blueberry crumb bars? Summer to the max.

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