talking of light, simple suppers…

August 8, 2011

Having friends visiting is so wonderful, I only wish it wasn’t so steamy this summer so that I could have cooked daily feasts for us. One evening last week there was a lovely breeze coming into the kitchen and the Brits were still out doing their thing when I got home from work.

I got chopping and cooking in the cool(ish) dark of my kitchen, making moroccan chickpea couscous, roasting cherry tomatoes for a big green salad, and surreptitiously breaking and nibbling seeds from the big loaf of bread I bought.

To top it off there was a giant pitcher of Pimm’s (my very favourite combination to date is tons of ice, Pimm’s, real lemonade, mint, and cucumber. So refreshing you won’t believe it).

We sat and ate and I wished I always had them around to eat dinner with. They leave today and I’m just going to miss them a lot. I’ll be back later this week with photos from our mad-crazy-fun trip to Chicago this weekend.

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