homeward bound

November 16, 2011

Hello lovelies,

I’m so excited because today I get to say the following: I’m going home tonight. (!!!!!)

It’s been eighteen months since I was last at home and over 5 years since Dan was last there so this trip is long overdue for us. We’ll be based in London at my sister’s place but also spending time in Reading, where I grew up, and in Wales, where my parents live now. I cannot wait.

More specifically, I can’t wait for: the man at customs to welcome me home in a familiar accent; the English countryside; my siblings; train journeys; Ottolenghi; the Welsh coastline; my parents; British license plates; good sausages; real pints; real ale; best friends; Arsenal; pubs; buildings that are really old; people who get my sense of humour; the River Thames; a good curry; walking everywhere; fish and chips; rain; a proper cup of tea; more friends. I could burst. Could you tell?

There will be scheduled posting here because I am cool enough that I sat down and typed some posts up to keep you company when I’m gone. Stop by and say hello won’t you? I’ll likely also be tweeting if you’re interested. I’ll see you soon.

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