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May 4, 2012

Happy Friday! What do you have up your sleeve for the weekend? We’re having friends over for lunch tomorrow and I’m excited to make some delicious food for us all. Sunday is the May Day Parade, which is kind of a big deal in Minneapolis. Oh, and you can bet I’ll be finding some tacos to eat in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Here are some fun posts from around the web…

Having a Cinco de Mayo party? Some ideas to get you started.

Two banana cakes.

Eleven deliciously healthy salads to make.

The last suppers of prisoners on death row, in photographs. Moving.

May I suggest you make this for a lovely weeknight dinner?

Now I’m all rosy-eyed for home.

Why Do Recipe Writers Lie About How Long It Takes To Caramelize Onions?

Lemon and arugula farfalle with basil and feta. YES.

Are any of the world’s best restaurants of 2012 near you?

Talking of Cinco

(Photo courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats.)

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