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October 13, 2009

Cheers all you fabulous Eating for England readers!

My name is Holly, and I am the lady behind the blog, The Healthy Everythingtarian. As the name suggests, I like a bit o’ everything in my diet – fruits, veggies, dairy, grains and occasionally, meat. Instead of telling myself I can’t have this or that, I find a diet of inclusion works much better for me. I’m happy, the belly is happy and my tastebuds are happy. It’s an all-around winner.

I couldn’t be more happy to be guest posting for our girl Angharad. Since we are both Minnesotans (me for real, her transplanted), we have become real-life friends. Trust me, she is fun, fabulous and the sweetest thang you’ll ever meet. So, I knew I had some pressure to make this guest post good. While brainstorming on a jolly stroll home from work, it hit me…

I needed to teach y’all the art of the yog mess!

Main entry: yog mess
Pronounciation: yog\’mes
Function: noun

(1) a mixture of yogurt and various toppings, swirled together in a circular motion to create a haphazard pile of deliciousness

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Delicious Yog Mess

(1) Start with a good base. For me, I prefer plain Greek yog, preferably Oikos because it’s organic. Think of it as a blank canvas to throw paint on, thus creating your very own Sistine Chapel!

Plain Greek yog is the way to go for a truly irresistable mix.

(2) Add in the fruit(s) of your choice.In my experience, mushed bananas and berries work best. However, don’t be afraid to experiment! I have thoroughly enjoyed kiwi, fruit preserves/jelly and dried fruit in my messes. Especially if you are using plain yog, fruit is essential to give it that perfect amount of sweetness.

You cannot go wrong with a sliced or mushed naner in your mess.

(3) Texture! The key to a successful yog mess lies in the mixture of textures. Say that five times fast! Usually, the best way to add texture is through including grains in your mess. Grains vary widely so possibilities are quite endless: granola, cereal, graham crackers, muesli, granola bars, breakfast bars, breads…

Adding Walnut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread to this mess was one of the best decisions I ever made.

(4) Frost your yog mess.The ONLY way to properly frost your mess is with nut butter. I don’t care what kind, flavor or brand – just make it nut butter, kapeesh? My two fave nut butters of the moment are raw almond butter (Trader Joe’s brand) and CinnaRaisin Swirl peanut butter (PB&Co.;).

Raw AB is the way to B!

(5) Embellish to your heart’s content.Embellishments are the best part! Some fabulous add-ins include: cinnamon, shredded coconut, drizzle of honey or agave, ground flaxseed, chocolate chips, almond meal, pumpkin pie spice, cardamom, maple syrup…use your imagination!

Agave gives a yog mess a certain je ne sais quoi?

(6) Make your concoction a true mess.Swirl, twirl, stir, fold, spoon, fork, ladle, mix – do what you need to do to make it a true cold mess!

(7) Devour.This step needs no explanation.

Thanks for joining in on my yog mess tutorial today! I hope each and every one of you (flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan – hey, there is soy yogurt!) learned something. If you do create a yummy looking yog mess, please send it to me at I would love to see (and possibly eat) everything you’ve learned today in action!

I hope our dear Angharad is having a yee-haw of a time in Austin – until next time, take care y’all!


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