December 15, 2010

Cuddle up warm; it’s chilly out there.

Buy some toasty, last-a-lifetime boots you love so much you never want to take them off.

Make hot oatmeal with brown sugar and warm milk for breakfast.

Wear your husband’s too-big socks.

Put on your monkey slippers (I don’t own those. Probably. Maybe).

Make some soup.

Put on ear warmers, gloves and mittens, long underwear and a coat with a hood so big that it obscures your vision. Only then go into the world.

Listen to the Christmas CD your amazing friend made you six years ago. Sing.

Get a blanket and huddle on the couch with someone you love. Pop a film in and sink into the warmth.

Grab a slice of Cranberry + Maple Loaf, pour yourself a cup of hot tea and settle down with a good book. There’s nothing like it.

Make a pumpkin spice latte for yourself to avoid leaving the house.

Leave the house, but only to go sledding.

Roast endless trays of root vegetables. Salt, pepper, devour.

Eat chocolate. Preferably this B.T. McElrath Salty Dog chocolate bar. It’s the best thing in the world.

Walk to the local pub and watch some English football on a Saturday morning.

Trudge back through the cold, beautiful snow. Resist the urge to lie down in it. It’ll only end in wet jeans and tears.

Let your husband take you out for burgers and beer on a Sunday night.

Drink coffee.

Bake some cookies. Double chocolate with sea salt or lemon buttermilk. Your choice.

Pet your cats. Watch them sleep. Snuggle up with them. Let them keep your belly warm.

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