Have an Ace Weekend.

July 20, 2012

What are your plans this weekend loves? I’m going to see Beirut tomorrow night at an outdoor show which means, sunshine, extreme sweat, beer, and fun. We’re also heading to a pizza farm in Wisconsin for a friend’s birthday which I’m so, so excited for! Here are some good reads from around the web this week…

How to brew better coffee.

Exactly how much do our plates affect our portions?

Minty black bean salad for a crowd.

Burger patties: thick vs. thin? (I’m a fan of thin patties!)

How to write a cookbook.

Do you have raw panic?

This got me excited for the MN State Fair!

The endless summer is real. And it’s scary.

How to make dinner without cooking. Hallelujah.

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Have a Lovely Weekend.

July 13, 2012

It’s the weekend! What will you be up to? I’m home cooking up a Moroccan feast today for a work project and have some other fun recipes in store for next week. We’re off to see Hot Chip tonight and then we’ll be celebrating Dan’s birthday tomorrow with a bunch of friends. Good stuff. Here are some fun posts from around the web…

Stone fruit galette.

Vegetarians, carb lovers and Coke fans beware.

The taco, deconstructed.

Market day in a little French town is not what it once was…

Has bacon mania gone too far?

Another beautiful Ottolenghi offering, perfect this time of year.

Homemade french fries and homemade curried ketchup to boot.

How to eat well on a tight budget.

(Photo from my post on tips for getting the most out of the farmers’ market.)

I’m in a bit of a summer trance at the moment. First there was Madeline Island, next a weekend of biking and swimming in the heat, then a Fourth of July at the cabin spent boating on the lake, and this weekend we’re heading to Lanesboro, MN to camp, bike, and go tubing. Blimey.

Cooking in my non air conditioned apartment is a bit of a no-go during the heat wave we’re having. I’ve just been doing my best to eat as much veg from our CSA box as possible. Also: ice cream is now a food group. Here are some great posts from around the web…

In case you’re looking for something to grill on a stick.

A taste of the south of France.

Is English food having a revival?

Hay ice cream.

100 {foodie} ways to spend your vacation.

How to eat cheese and biscuits.

One of my favourite summer salads (plus bacon).

Iced summer charlottes.

10 milkshakes you have to make.

(Photo from breakfast at the cabin on the Fourth of July. I’m on Instagram at angharad_guy.)