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May 9, 2010

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am a cake eater. And by that I mean, I love cake. I tell people this and they nod in agreement, or say, “ohhh me too”. And I think, “No! You don’t love cake like I do.” I don’t just enjoy cake if it happens to be there. I effing love cake.

Whenever I try to express this to people, my supportive husband corroborates the story by adding, “she really does love her cake”.

It’s true. I got it from my mum. And my big brother. We’re a family of sweet teeth, what can I say?

My mum would not dream of saying no to dessert, especially if it’s cake. It’s not like we had dessert very often growing up but if we are ever at a restaurant, you know dessert is happening. My mother is not a large person, and yet the woman can pack a giant slice of cake away like it’s her job. I love my mum.

Anyway, so that’s the DNA behind my cake-love.

Cupcakes are something special aren’t they? Whilst I’d argue that there’s nothing like a big slice of cake from a whole giant round one, there is a lot to be said for your own, personally-packaged mini cake. As for mini cupcakes, well that’s a whole other story of cuteness:

Cake Eater just opened in Minneapolis and it’s an awesome spot. If you live in the area, nearby or are fanatical enough about cupcakes to come to Minneapolis just with this in mind (no judgment here, friends), then 2929 East 25th Street is the place to be.

They post their daily specials on facebook which is dangerous and wonderful all at once. And they have an Elvis cupcake (yep: banana, peanut butter and bacon).

Amazing deliciousness.

Are you a cake eater?

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