Hello! I’m Angharad and I write Eating for England, where I share delicious, simple recipes made from scratch with fresh ingredients and a focus on cooking seasonally where possible.

I moved back to the UK in late 2013, after living in the States for most of my twenties, first in Austin, TX and then in Minneapolis. I now in live in London with my lovely husband Dan. I still work in the non-profit arts sector and still love riding my bicycle, swimming outdoors and going on hiking adventures. I do whole lot less baking these days and while I still love cooking and trying new recipes, I haven’t updated this site for over a year. I post stuff on Instagram if you want to keep in touch and I’ll keep the blog live as long as people are visiting and finding it useful. Cheers!


So you’re British? Why do you live in Minneapolis?
Yep, I’m from the U.K. but after university and some backpacking I moved to Minneapolis to be with my dude. We have lived here together for six years. You might also want to read this. And this.

Why “Eating for England”?
Growing up, if we were ravenous my friends and I would say, “I’m so hungry I could eat for England!” as in, if eating were a competitive sport, I could compete for my country. I guess it mostly implies a big appetite. Also, since I’m an English lady living and cooking in the U.S. it seemed apropos of my situation.

What kind of food will I find here? Is everything British?

While I do have some classically British recipes on this site and love making them, that’s not the focus of this blog. I’m happiest making and eating fresh, simple, and (mostly) healthy meals and I like sharing how easy that can be to achieve. You’ll find cakes and cookies galore since I love to bake but I also try to focus on sharing lots of whole food, plant-based recipes, since that’s the way I eat most. I feel strongly about animal welfare and sourcing local, sustainable, and organically-raised meat and dairy, and any recipes featuring those things will use the best ingredients I can find in regards to those priorities. It’s a way of eating that makes me incredibly happy and I hope that shines through in this blog and inspires you to eat in a way that makes you feel good too.

Are these your recipes?
Some of the recipes are originals although most are adapted from other sources. Usually I’ll get an idea in my mind of what I want to achieve and then adapt a recipe from several other sources to come up with what works best for me. I always list my source if the recipe is a direct adaptation.

What about the pictures?
I take photos using either a hand-me-down Canon EOS 20D my father-in-law gave me, a Panasonic Lumix, or occasionally my iPhone. If a picture wasn’t taken by me, which is rare, I’ll note the source.

Are you a trained cook/baker?
Nope. This blog is about my personal experience of cooking, baking, and eating. I read a lot of cookbooks and other food blogs and have learned most of what I know through trial and error.

Can I email you?
Sure! If you’re interested in contacting me for freelance writing, advertising on Eating for England, or if you have questions about a recipe, click here.


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